Thursday, January 28, 2010

I wonder .....

XXX: wonders who would kill a good slave
Nevan Nizna: <<.<<
XXX: once dead , would not feel the pain anymore
Nevan Nizna: I dont even know how to respond to that.
XXX: greetings
Nevan Nizna: Well that is better .. hey there!
XXX: oups
XXX: sorry did disturb
Nevan Nizna: no problem
Nevan Nizna: take care!
XXX: thx

((I wonder what that was about.))

Dont call me Slut!

XXX: what kind of roleplay slut?
Nevan Nizna: the kind in which I dont get called slut in an ooc im :P
XXX: ok. so let's have a motorcycle race
Nevan Nizna: hahaha .... start looking at my ass cuz thats all you will see
XXX: trust me slut, i saw a lot of asses, much nice than your fuking's dirty one
Nevan Nizna: well hon then go after those much nicer asses and stay out of my im XD
XXX: i'll surely do it tiny brain

((Personally, I have to say ... I am quite proud of myself for staying polite.))

Come here doggie!

XXX: come here
Nevan Nizna: excuse me?
XXX: here
Nevan Nizna: Im not youre dog mister
XXX: you are
Nevan Nizna: learn how to rp and I might play with you
XXX: your loss
XXX: get over here

((I am a roleplayer, my character might be obedient and somewhat submissive ... but I assure you, the person behind the keyboard is NOT ... all I ask for is a little respect in IM, is that so hard to understand?))

Dont call me Bitch!

XXX: come with me bitch
Nevan Nizna: fuck off
XXX: you like be fucked
Nevan Nizna: not by you!
XXX: by me bitch
XXX: I ll fuck you hard
XXX: like a whore
Nevan Nizna: [15:40]  Nevan Nizna: fuck off
Nevan Nizna: You deaf?
XXX: I know you want it

((Needless to say, I get slightly annoyed when total strangers call me Bitch in IM ... during a roleplay. if it fits the scene .. you can call me anything you want. BUT NOT IN IM!!!))

No Thank You!

XXX's cock is hard and wet
Nevan Nizna: \o/
XXX: whould you like to see it?
Nevan Nizna: no thank you hon

((If I want to see a cock ... I will go to the petting zoo!))